We are located in the Waterloo Region of Ontario.  We have 2 beautiful acres that back onto a natural area for our labs to explore.

Brent has been involved from a very young age in raising Labrador Retrievers.  At 6 months old he got his first black lab pup, Bear, which would sleep under his crib while he slept.  As a 2nd generation Labrador breeder, his experience with Labradors dates back 40+ years to when he was born.

Brent raises the labs and receives help from his many niece and nephews that help socializing the puppies from an early age.

Our emphasis at Westmeadow Labs is to produce a high quality Labrador Retriever and as such only ever have two females producing a litter in any one year.


All our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee that provides you with peace of mind when bringing your new bundle of joy and energy home.   We do extensive testing, both physically and genetically, on our females and any males that we use in our program which results in significantly less change of issues arising vs. a breeding between two labradors which haven’t had as much testing and scrutiny in their backgrounds.